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Thread: Windows installer keeps popping up in Outlook 2003

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    Windows installer keeps popping up in Outlook 2003

    I purchased a new laptop with Vista and Office 2007 trial on it. I also installed Office 2003 side-by-side with Office 2007, but there were many issues. So i removed both the versions and deleted the office folder in C:Program files and the registry and then reinstalled office 2003, but the issue was still there. Any thing done in Outlook will launch Windows installer to configure Office 2003. If I am receiving an email, deleting an email, copying some contacts from one pst folder to another, the issue starts. Can anyone please tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Windows installer keeps popping up in Outlook 2003

    To solve this problem follow the below steps:

    1. Log on to the computer by using a user account that has administrative credentials.
    2. Start an Office program, such as Word. The End User License Agreement dialog box appears.
      Note For Windows Vista, click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Office, right-click an Office program, click Run as administrator, and then click Continue.
    3. Click I Accept.
    4. Exit the Office program that you just started.
    5. Repeat step 2 to step 4 for the other Office programs that still prompt you with the EULA.

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    Re: Windows installer keeps popping up in Outlook 2003

    I have the same problem with Outlook 2003. It only works normally (without Windows installer popping up all the time) if I run as Admininstrator. If I open normally afterward, the Installer popups keep coming.
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    Re: Windows installer keeps popping up in Outlook 2003

    Office 2007 configuring on each start up - this solved my problem (see my post at bottom ) for me it was simply creating a missing .bak file... real east solution... check your system event viewer before screwing with Office Tool Kits, your registry or otherwise... it worked for me... was simple and I beat myself up over how simply I solved it for my situation... read the link...

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