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Thread: Where I can find template for a TV commercial script?

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    Where I can find template for a TV commercial script?

    Can anyone provide me a download like of TV Commercial Script. I have to create one, but I am not able to get a sample to start. I had tried to find it online but there are number of useless things. I need a professional script that can help me to write my own drama. I do not want a very long script. It would be enough to get a 1 minute script.

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    It is weird to find that you are unable to get that on web. There are many place where you can find it very easily. Just search it. You can get a sample script and then you can modify it as per your need. It is not at all complicated. The another best place to find that is on Youtube. You can get some sample video on that site for creating your own short drama.

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    I think what ruell chappell wants is not a template for good (or bad) TV commercial scripts, but one for the document itself, like there are some for letters, CVs, etc. I found this page that maybe can help yo.

    Following that sample and using a word processor, like MS Word, you can create a table starting with two columns and two rows and write Video in the left column and Audio in the right column, both in the first row. Then you can add as many rows as you need for the entire script. If you need or want, put a header before the table, for identifying purposes (client, product, etc.) Save it as a template for your word processor, so you can call it from the File > New menu whenever you need.

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