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Thread: Save My Settings Wizard wizard removed from Office 2007?

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    Save My Settings Wizard wizard removed from Office 2007?

    My system at home is used for Gaming as well as for doing official works. Hence as per new games that releases, I keep updating or changing the systems. Until last time when I was using Office 2003, I was using "Save My Settings Wizard" to move/migrate my settings from older computers. Now recently I bought and installed Office 2007 but surprisingly I noticed that there is no "Save My Settings Wizard" anymore.

    Why Microsoft did removed this feature from this upgraded version? Is there any alternate feature provided for the same?

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    RE: Save My Settings Wizard wizard removed from Office 2007?

    Yes, it I true that Microsoft has removed this feature from Office 2007 and they havenít provided any alternative for the same yet. By the way which operating system are you using. If it is Windows Vista then you can simply make use of Windows Built-in tool called "Windows easy Transfer" to migrate user settings. Apart from this there is also a a downloaded command-line tool named "Windows User State Migration Tool" which can also help you out migrating user files and settings. It's supported in Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.For more help on these tools, just check this Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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    Re: Save My Settings Wizard wizard removed from Office 2007?

    Thanks for your suggestions Hockson but I donít think that is the better alternate in case of Outlook groups. There are several issues with transferring Outlook data. So they should have made something alternate of Save My Settings Wizard in Office 2007 as well.

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