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Thread: Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

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    Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    Iím using this HP Printer and Office 2007 since past 6 months. There was no problem so far but now, something went wrong. Iím able to print anything from MS Excel, Publisher, etc but all prints given from MS Word and Outlook are getting failed. Whenever I give any print command from outlook or work, it goes to the printer but stucks and later disappears from the print queue. I donít know what could be the problem. Hope someone here can help me out with the same.

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    Re: Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    Did you checked whether correct printer is selected in Word and Outlook? If yes, but still getting the problem then try making your printer default once again and give the print.

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    Re: Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    Thanks for your reply HudSon. Yes, I have selected correct printer in word and outlook. Also tried making it default again but still the problem remains. But I donít think that is the reason because as I said earlier, I can print PDF files, jpg images, Outlook mails, excel, powerpoint, etc only the problem is with Word and Outlook.

    Now what?

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    Re: Unable to print OFFICE 2007 WORD & OUTLOOK docs

    I guess most probably it is the drivers issue. I will recommend you to first uninstall the printer completely from your system. Restart the computer, install printer back and update the most recent drivers of the printer from its manufacturerís website.

    It must fix the problem.

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