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Thread: All Office Icons Missing

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    All Office Icons Missing

    I have noticed recently that all the Office 2003 icons as well as Quicktime, Itunes, Adobe reader, etc; all of a sudden disappeared and were replaced with generic icons? If I am trying to start an Office program then I am getting the Windows Installer Screen, then the error message comes " An error occured and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Please run Setup and select "Repair..." to restore this application." When I click OK then the program compes up and functions properly, but if I am trying to run the Setup then I get this message " This patch package could not be opened. Verify that the patch package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer Patch Package." Can anyone please help me out? Thanks

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    Re: All Office Icons Missing

    I dont think that repairing Office will do anyting on the data files, you should actually do a backup of the data which should be a wise decision.

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    Re: All Office Icons Missing

    When you try to install a Microsoft Office program or run an Office program for the first time, you may receive an error message. This article lists common error messages that you may receive, and it contains step-by-step methods that may help you install and run an Office program. So, to solve this issue, follow the steps given here -

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    If you used any of the Cloning programs to clone your boot disk to a new drive there is one folder you need to copy over manually after the cloning.

    It is the C:\Windows\installer directory. It will not be visible unless you turn on view protected system files in Tools->Folder Options->View

    Copy the whole directory over or else you will find that some of your icon types (particularly MS Office) will have disappeared and you cannot re-install / repair (because setup sees there is an installation but there is no installer files there so it crashes)

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    Re: All Office Icons Missing

    The Cloning option is what I did recently and mccarw's advice got my icons back on the air.
    Office icons were the noticeable ones missing, but there were handfuls of others too.


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