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Thread: How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

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    How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    Everytime when I start Microsoft office I am getting Microsoft End User License Agreement. Each appear everytime when I start it. It does not stop or when I click on OK it does not goes at all. The popup is quiet annoying. I need some help here to disable that. My Office application is activated.

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    It looks the issue lies with user account. Are there are multiple accounts in your system. Try to open the same on admin account. It looks that the setup is not completed due to which you are getting that license agreement again and again on the screen. You must try to finalize the setup first from start and then check back. The issue will be resolved.

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    Re: How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    This behavior occurs if your user account does not have permissions to modify the Microsoft Windows Registry. Please follow the steps below to fix this issue.
    Warning Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly by using Registry Editor or by using another method. These problems might require that you reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that these problems can be solved. Modify the registry at your own risk.
    a) Log on to the computer by using an Administrator user account.
    b) If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, click Start, click Run, type regedit , and then click OK. If you are using Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, type regedt32.
    c) Locate and then right-click the following registry subkey as appropriate.
    • For the 2007 Microsoft Office suites:
    • For Microsoft Office 2003:
    • For Microsoft Office 2002:
    • For Microsoft Office 2000:
    d) Click Permissions.
    e) Click Users (Computer_name\Users), and then click to select the Allow check box for the Full Control permission.
    f) Click OK, and then quit Registry Editor.
    g) Start an Office program, and then accept the End User License Agreement.

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    Try to run the repair setup under Admin account once again. It will fix the issue. The setup is incomplete and you have to accept the license on the start. The issue will be over if you finalize the setup and it will be fixed. I had got the issue on Vista but somehow I performed the setup once again and it was fixed. Things are working fine know. There can be issue with windows registry also due to which you are facing the issue.

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    Re: How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    This worked great for me as well on my Win7 PC. It was one of the simplest fixes to follow.

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    Re: How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    Tried the 'SS' fix "go to C:program files\microsoft office\OFFICE11 then select one of the MS apps such as Excel or Word and right click to run as administrator. this will open the app and the EULA pop up screen - accept it. exit the app then re-access an MS app - annoying pop up should be gone. hope this helps".
    Running 64bit Vista Home Premium and it worked a treat - thanks for the tip.

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    Re: How do I Stop end user licence agreement pop up

    Great tip, SS!!!

    I followed SS's advice, and I was immediately able to get rid of the annoying EULA pop up. Thank you for the valuable advice, worked like a charm!

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