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Thread: Office 2007 runs setup every time I open a product

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    Office 2007 runs setup every time I open a product

    Each time when I try to open Microsoft Office 2007 it runs setup on start. It runs the same again and again. I am not able to understand the reason behind it. I thought this will be fixed automatically so I left it as it was. But it is almost 2 months now. I am using Office occasionally. My Windows is also updated. But still the setup never ends. What can be the reason behind this. Can anyone tell me how can I completely block this setup.

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    You said that your windows is updated. But I do not think so. There are chances that some patches are still pending and when you run Office it tries to reconfigure it back again. Due to which you are getting that setup window again and again. So first do this, go in Control panel and then click on Windows Update. Perform all the installation properly. You can view in Event Log to find out which file is responsible for the same.

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    Try to re-install office and then run the updates. I think that would be enough to fix the problem. You have to ensure that you had properly installed and run the setup. That actually matters the most. And if you are not willing to re-install then there is one more thing you can try. You can try to run office diagnostic to check out fix for this issue.

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