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Thread: Print screen key not working

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    Print screen key not working

    I was able to press the PrtScr key on my keyboard and what ever was on my screen should automatically print on my printer at that very moment but now it has stopped doing this. I already know that how to alt/prtscr and paste, but I also want to just press the key? Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    I dont think that it will work that way, it will just copy it to the clipboard. You will need to reinstall the software that you were using to accomplish that feature, normally Office and Windows do not do it that way.

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    Re: Print screen key not working

    You can download a tool called ScreenHunter that also comes for free. This software has a simple interface that makes this operation surprisingly easy. The main screen is well spaced and intuitive enough to have new users making screen captures in no time. Download it by searching it from the net.

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    Re: Print screen key not working

    My print screen key takes a picture of a blank page. There is stuff on the page when I press the key but it outputs a blank copy. I use Win xp service pack 3 and it just started doing this since July 25, 2010. Before that it worked fine. Maybe its a windows update that screwed it up. I thought I had it fixed earlier but its doing it again. How does print screen work and is the registry involved in taking snapshots? Rebooting helps temporarily and aparently a backround program or service opens and messes everything up...I'm very suspicious of IE8.

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