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Thread: Problem opening .rtf file

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    Problem opening .rtf file

    I am having Vista on my laptop with Microsoft Office 2003 installed on the same. I got some rtf files in my email. But when I try to open the same in Word it does nothing. The files looked to be corrupted. But the same are working fine in Windows XP when I tested that later on. Both the system are having the same edition of Office. The Vista system is not able to read that, but rtf files are visible in Windows XP.

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    You will need SP3 pack of office. It looks it is installed in your Windows XP system. That would be through updates. Just try to run windows update and try to find what you can find. Or you can simply download that manually from Microsoft site and install that in your system. You would be able to find out solution for the same.

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    Same problem here, guys!

    Only happens when you open RFT files on Word 2003 SP3! Word 2002 SP2 works fine.

    The border is arount words / paragraphs. Line border. And it's not a view setting.

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    Unable to open .rtf file

    Hi All,
    Even I am facing the same problem. I have a document(.doc format) of size 20MB and converted(using "Save As") it into an .RTF file. The size of the converted .rtf file is 167MB and I am unable to open the document(.rtf file). Please tell me what would be the reason for not opening and solution for the same.

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    Re: Problem opening .rtf file

    I developed a memorandum in MS Word 2003 and now the memo appears to be protected because when I saved it I see that it has .rtf following the can I remove the protection in my own MS word document so I can send it to a fellow worker so she can change the document? I need answers as soon as possible.

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