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Thread: Disabling Research in Office 2003

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    Disabling Research in Office 2003

    I want some help to turn off research in Microsoft Office. I am using Office 2003 but unable to find out any way that can allow me to turn research off completely. Each time when I open office it pops up on the start and number of time it just appear while working. I am sure there will be some option available that can allow me to stop it completely.

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    re: Disabling Research in Office 2003

    You can do that through Word help. You can turn that thing off. For that go in tools and then click on Research. In that you can find one more thing. Click on Research Option. You can can simply activate or deactivate the same from here just by removing a check mark. It would work quiet fine. You can also add research services if you want from internet.

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    That may be annoying but that can be helpful to some extent. I was quiet wondering the proper way of using it. The problem with is that it freezes the application. It is not better if you are expecting some good performance. There must be some kind of shortcut to bring it on the screen and to turn it off when not required. I think that is one of the best way.

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    re: Disabling Research in Office 2003

    Here's how to really disable that stupid task pane:

    After fighting with this myself for years, I found out the answer. From Word, press Alt-F11 to open the VB Editor. Press Ctrl-G to open the Immediate Window. Type this line and press Enter: Application.CommandBars("Research").Enabled = False

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    Re: Disabling Research in Office 2003

    Unfortunately, Jon's fix is not working in my environment. I typed:

    Application.CommandBars("Research").Enabled = False in the Immediate window. When I hit Enter the following error message popped up:

    Run-time error '5':
    Invalid procedure call or argument

    I'm using Alt-drag to select a column of text. Research starts when I release the button IF I've selected only a single character wide column. Two or more characters and Research does not start. As someone suggested, I've tried pressing Alt after the mouse button. That does not enable the column search.

    I'm running Office Word 2003 SP2 on XP Pro 2002 SP3.

    I've tried disabling research in the Office configuration (it was not there). When I remove all of the research services and then restart Word, they are all restored! Any more ideas? Anyone know where the Word developers live? We could all go visit them... On the other hand, as an engineer myself, I suspect that it was some manager that insisted on this "feature". I suppose we should visit him/her instead. I'll bring a couple pitchforks, someone want to bring the torches?

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    Re: Disabling Research in Office 2003

    Correction: That does not enable the column select.

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