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Thread: System freezes with OFFLB.EXE

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    System freezes with OFFLB.EXE

    At the time when I installed my Office Pro 2007 on my XP, that happens to be on 3 different computer, it will freeze up. If I do ctrl+alt+delete to bring up my windows task manager, then I would either have OFFLB.EXE or DUMPREP and sometimes both are there, as soon as I end the process, everything lets loose and runs fine until they show up again. What is this OFFLB.EXE and how is it messing up my computers? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: System freezes with OFFLB.EXE

    The exe file that you had mentioned is a kind of Microsoft Office Program Recovery program. When somehow Office application crashes while using the same, this service tries to recover the file. If this is properly installed then your system will not freeze. You have to re-install Office once again to make things proper. The service is not separately available so that you can install that directly in your system.

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