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Thread: Word 2007 Crashes when closing document

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    Word 2007 Crashes when closing document

    I have some documents that are in 97-2003 format. However, when i try to open them in office 2007 then they open up fine but when i close them i get a message saying 'Microsoft Office Word has stopped Working'.

    I have gone through the event log and i see below error description there.

    Faulting application WINWORD.EXE, version 12.0.6211.1000, time stamp
    0x46d4a7df, faulting module hpz3r4v2.dll, version, time stamp
    0x45949947, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00045a98, process id
    0xb78, application start time 0x01c84a0115e86d5b

    Let me know if anyone needs any further information for helping me out.

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    Re: Word 2007 Crashes when closing document

    I guess you might be using HP Printer. As far as i am aware hpz3r4v2.dll indicates your HP printer. If i am right, then you can try updating the printer driver. If that doesn't help then you can try uninstalling and re installing the latest driver for your printer. Just make sure that you are downloading the latest one form manufacturer site, best of luck.

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    Re: Word 2007 Crashes when closing document

    Came across this when trying to solve same problem. The print driver comment reminded me of a similar problem I had with Excel 2003. I tried the same cure I used before and it worked. Go to control Panel/printers and faxes and check the default printer setting. Make sure it is set to a printer connected to the computer or one of the office writers (something connected to the machine). Then try to reopen the document.

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