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Thread: Word 2007 crash and hp driver

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    Word 2007 crash and hp driver

    I have checked the same issues with the hpz3r5v6.dll drivers for HP multifunction photosmart. When you will check below, other persons have the same issue until some month a while. Word 2007 will crash if we close a document, and you will see the below error message. Is there anyone who has found a solution for this issue? The office SP1 will not fix this problem.

    I am having the same problem with my L7680. I have tried removing and reinstalling both the drivers and the Office suite to no avail.

    I go into a chat session with HP tech support that redid everything that I had already tried and ultimately she said to disable all HP services in the MSCONFIG startup and reboot, if the problem still exists, contact MS. Well, it still exists.

    Oddly, the error does not occur if I close the document before closing Word. It also does not occur if I create a new document and exit (whether I close it or not!

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    Re: Word 2007 crash and hp driver

    Incompatible drivers are one of the most common cause for this kind of issue. It is necessary that you must check out whether your printer is working fine or not. It can be easy to find out the compatible driver. It happen to some time before. But the issue lies with printer, it was not with the driver. The printer port was not working properly due to which connection failed word crash whenever I perform a print.

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