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Thread: Picture background in word 2007

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    Picture background in word 2007

    I need some help to add a picture background to Microsoft Word. I tried to insert a image and then increased the size to entire page. But that is not working. It is stuck on the margins. I want to keep a default company images in the background that goes with all our emails. I had recently upgraded to Office 2007 from 2003 and not able to find out the settings for it. How can I do this Office 2007.

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    Right click on the page and choose background. In that you can find a window from where you can have to go in fill effects. Choose a picture and apply that. It is recommended that you must use a light image so that the text is properly visible. Once you apply the image it is visible on all pages. I always keep a image on the header part.

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    Try reducing the Picture size to 550x778 pixles, that should scale to an A4 size page.

    Check out this option in Word 2007:
    It covers setting a picture as a watermark, which can be a custom picture & you can set the washout feature on this. The only issue is in sizing. You can choose different preselected sizes, but not custom sizes. (image set to 50%, 100%, 200% of original size)

    Select PAGE LAYOUT, then in the PAGE BACKGROUND tab select WATERMARK. Down at the bottom of the new window click CUSTOM WATERMARK.
    Select the PICTURE WATERMARK option, click WASHOUT tab, & set the image RATIO.
    Then you will have your washed out image set as a watermark on your template.

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    Re: Picture background in word 2007

    Thanks for this post. I've had been trying to do the same thing using the "fill effects" and had gotten the same problem. The watermark option worked much better.

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    Re: Picture background in word 2007

    Hi guys had a play with this and the correct size that you want to make your picture (in Photoshop) is 620 x 798. that is for the page fill. Much better than watermark. good luck

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    Re: Picture background in word 2007

    I've been working on a similar problem for hours and hours in Word 2007. I want to use a texture background (canvas) and then insert a picture behind the text. It does this, but the picture becomes surrounded by a white square with the picture. It doesn't matter if it is inserted as a picture or as a watermark. Is there anyway to make it have the same canvas texture background show through the picture? I made it 85% transparent so the picture still shows up by no background.

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