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Thread: Microsoft Office Document Imaging

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    Microsoft Office Document Imaging

    I have got a 100 page document that has been saved from PDF to tiff and I need to OCR it. I already know that I can OCR one page at a time with Microsoft Office Document Imaging, but can microsoft office document imaging OCR a multupage tiff? If yes, then how can I combine all the 100 pages into one multi page Tiff? Thanks.

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    I dont think that it isnt a B$W tiff or isnt it? Are you by any chance trying to mash color into it? Incase it is the black and white file format then it doesnt accept color, it will have to remain like an annotation.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Document Imaging

    It seems to me that it is more like a resources problem. Have you made sure that the temporary folders are cleaned out? I am looking to get something that I could find about it in the Microsoft KB article but it is acting up and telling me that it is not available at this time.

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    Your issue might be creating the 100 different files to start with. Incase you dont want to combine them individually yourself, then you may want to instruct the pc how to do it, like for example, a batch file or scripting or some imaging program that supports bacthing. If you still have the original PDF file, then just start over and Print the pdf to the Micosoft Document Image Writer this time.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Document Imaging


    I am looking to purchase softwares which can OCR, index files, do zone recognition, and automatic faxing.

    Does the Microsoft products like MODI OR SHAREPOINT provide those capabilities ?

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