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Thread: Envelope addresses coming out double-spaced

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    Envelope addresses coming out double-spaced

    We have a PC at office running with Windows XP and Office 2007. Just yesterday I re-installed Windows Xp on this system due to some reasons. We already had some envelopes for letters created before the re-install which while printing the addresses print normally (single-spaced). But with all new envelopes for letters created after reinstallation of Windows are showing up addresses print out double-spaced.

    Any idea what is wrong here?

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    It is just a changed setting problem in print envelope dialogue Options. If it is proper and still you getting this problem than I strongly suspect it would be Header settings which is used when creating the letter in Word. If I’m not wrong your default header setting might be showing up Normal, which results in double-spacing of headers, including any address typed at the top of a letter. To avoid this problem, you will need to first change the header setting to No Spacing, which results in an address that prints out on an envelope properly single-spaced.

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    Re: Envelope addresses coming out double-spaced

    I just had this issue and resolved it.

    When you open up Word in Microsoft Office 2007 at the top under the Home tab you will see a list of styles which in turn formats the style of your header.
    The default is "Normal". If you right click this big "Normal" button you will see a drop down window at which you can choose "Modify". This will open up a "Modify Style" dialog box. At the verry bottom left of this box you will see a "Format" button. Click on this and choose "Paragraph". Under "Spacing" you will notice that the "After" section is defaulted to 10pt and "Line Spacing" is set to multiple. Change the "After" to "0pt" and "Line Spacing" to "Single".

    Hit "OK" button (at bottom)


    If you would like this to default on every document from here on out when you create the document. At the bottom of the "Modify Style" dialog box click the radio button that says "New documents based on this template" and hit the "OK" button (at the bottom of the box)

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