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Thread: How can i set up handwriting recognition in Office 2007?

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    How can i set up handwriting recognition in Office 2007?

    HI, my home desktop is running with Windows XP and Office 2007. I also got a new Wacom bamboo tablet which I want to use with the system but due to some reason MS Word is not able to recognize it. So far Iíve tried everything I could do but no success. Hope somebody here can help me out with this.

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    Re: How can i set up handwriting recognition in Office 2007?

    Office 2007 does not offer any handwriting capabilities. That function was passed off to the Windows Vista group and is now a part of Windows.

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    Hi CNN, I'm usin bamboo too great device...but i encountered same somewhere that one could download the 2003 handwriting separately after installing 2007. But also what happens when u already have 2003 with handwriting and u to upgrade to 2007 would handwriting beretaind...? could try that tooo...All the v best. ill be back with more info soon...bye!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CNN View Post
    I need to use a tablet but i can't get Microsoft Word to recognize it. My OS
    is Windows XP and I use Microsoft Office 2007. The tablet is Wacom bamboo.
    I'll really appreciate any help.
    Thank you.
    " There is, disappointingly, no support for handwriting recognition under Office 2007 under Windows XP. If you aren't running OneNote on a tablet PC and you can't live without the handwriting recognition you'll want to use OneNote 2003 SP3 instead of OneNote 2007 to be able to install the handwriting engine under XP. "

    or run both 2003 and 2007.
    Let me know if it helps

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