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Thread: The installation source for this product is unavailable on Office 2003

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    The installation source for this product is unavailable on Office 2003

    I am trying to install Microsoft Office 2003 Pro on my laptop. At first when I installed it the setup was done. But when I open Microsoft Excel I am getting error. I tried to run a repair installation but still I am getting a error saying "The installation source for this product is unavailable." I am not able to figure out why the issue appear.

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    Your installation cd is corrupted. It is necessary that you must get a new installation media for the same. The media is corrupted due to which you are facing the issue. You have to get a new cd. You can do one more thing here. You can simply download a trail edition of office from Mircrosoft website and simply use the license key to activate the same.

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    Try to copy the cd content in your pc. If it is copied properly then you can run the setup from the copied folder itself. Or if you face any issue with the copy the media is corrupted and you will need to arrange a new one. You can use the trial to get missing files if any.

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