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Thread: ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

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    ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

    I was using MS Office 97 Pro since long time on Windows XP. Recently I upgraded my system to Windows Vista and also Office 97. There wasn’t any problem with the installation, neither with Word, Excel or PowerPoint. But when I try using Access, it just wont start. After trying several things I came to know that Office 97 wont work with Vista.

    I contacted a Microsoft guy and he also said the same thing, he said the support for Off 97 is closed and it is not compatible with Vista. So I wanted to know if there is any alternate way or any kind of Patch to make 97 compatible with Vista?

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    Re: ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

    So there is no patch, neither I think will be available in future. Also they do not work on software that is out of mainstream and extended support. So, I think its time to upgrade your Office to v2003 or 2007.

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    Re: ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

    If your Word Excel and Powerpoint is working then I think we should find out the cause which is preventing MS Access to work on Vista. Because if there would becompatibility problems, Word or Excel should also not work. By the way, what you exactly mean by saying ‘wont start’? Are you getting any Error Message while trying to launch Access?

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    Re: ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

    Thanks for your Interest Maratha. Yes, I received few errors while launching Access. Let me explain it in details.

    At first when I tried starting it, it said “the file c:/windows/system32/system.mdw is missing”. As I have one more computer running Office 97, I copied that particular file and pasted in my laptop.

    Now again when I tried to launch it, this time it said “out of memory”. I’m having 1.5GB of RAM and there was no other programs running in the background. So there was no chance of getting out of memory.

    I thought I should try re-installing the entire Office suite again but surprisingly it wont allow me to uninstall as well.

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    Re: ? Vista Patch for Office 97 Pro

    thank You
    In fact You did helped me, with the hint to copy workgroup file from other machine .
    OUt of memory - it's common when the PC have more than 1 Gb RAM
    It Easy to fix - just instal jet engine ver 3.5 (download from microsoft)
    NOw it's working here ok

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