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Activation office 2007 professional when starting picture manager

MS Office Support

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Old 10-05-2007
Join Date: Jan 2004
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Activation office 2007 professional when starting picture manager

At our Office, yesterday I installed Office 2007 Small Business Edition on one computer. While installation I excluded Access 2007 to install. Setup went fine without any error messages. But now even when I try to open Microsoft Picture Manager, the activation wizard automatically comes up on the screen saying something that Access 2007 is not included in our version and we can upgrade to the professional edition. I don?t know why is it occurring. I excluded it and i don?t want to install it in my PC then why does Activation wizard recommending me for the same?

And due to this, though Picture Manager runs but all editing options are grayed out, not clickable. Any help on this please?

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Old 10-05-2007
Join Date: Sep 2004
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Re: Activation office 2007 professional when starting picture manager

First of all can you please explain what do you exactly meant by saying ?I excluded Access 2007 to install??? Because as far as I know Access wont come included with MS Office 2007 Small Business Edition, then how did you excluded it during installation?
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Old 11-05-2007
Join Date: Jul 2004
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As per your post and error about the Activation wizard, it seems like you want to say Picture Manager is not installed on your system but afaik Office Picture Manager is in each MS Office 2007 Suite. Check to see if it's set to 'run from my computer' in the Microsoft Office 2007 listing in Add/Remove Programs in the Windows control panel.
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Old 03-07-2007
Join Date: Jul 2007
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Hi guys i have the same problem.

For one of my customers i installed Office 2007 SBE
during setup i selected complete installation.

Now when the customer tries to start picture manager, the activation wizard
pops up with a screen to tell that access 2007 trail version has expired and that we can purchase the proffesional edition. When i say close, Picture manager starts, but all the options to edit pictures are gray.

So is there a way that i can say no i dont want to puchase proffesional edition?? and just go on using my Picture manager as always??

Anyways ill keep on searching for a solution and post it if i find one.

Its a brand new computer i installed vista then i installed office 2007 SBE. Do u think the reason why access trail version was installed is becuase i chose complette installation and not custom??

Hi, its a new Pc. I installed Vista then i installed Office 2007 SBE. Do u think it installed Access automatically becuase i chose complete installation and not custom?? Will it be necessary to install office over again??
thx i appreciate the effort. :D

Hi what do u mean dump the trail version and install the paid version?? Microsoft Office 2007 Small Bussiness Edition is a paid version.It has Word,Outlook,Excel,Publisher and Powerpoint. It says your current edition includes these programs. Access is the only one not included in the package.
And this is where the problem lies cuase thats why we bought Small Bussiness edition whe dont need Access and the other extra stuff. Is there somewhere i can email u the screen shot??

Amen brother. Why not give the option, no i dont want to buy the trail version uninstall it. Now i will probably have to uninstall office and reinstall it on 3 PC's..lol..damm!



Got Trial package from Micro**** and a empty box with a key inside titled:

Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 (with Office professional 2007 Trial)

I do not need the professional crap.

Installed from the media and inserted the key choose custom but had no choices. activation crap with picture manager.

Uninstalled all

Installed as trial excluding the access, ran word and put in the license key, same stuff again trial expired and no editing in picture manager.

so in short, Bought OEM SBE got key installed once (first time) with key and then removed access as not a needed componant.
Reinstalled using custom leaving out access.
removed picture manager and reinstalled.

NO LUCK i feel it must be based on that crappy key from micro****!

Anyone know how to fix this.

This is installed on vista business.
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Old 04-01-2008
Join Date: Jan 2008
Posts: 1
Picture Manager Activation Wizard Fix:

1. Office must be activated, if not, activate it
2. Add/Remove Programs > Office > Change > Convert
3. Enter key again

After that, it shouldn't bother you about activation.

"Bob, I hope you can help me. I installed the trial offer of Microsoft Office
Professional 2007 and now I don't know how to take it out of my system. Do
you have any suggestions?"

If Add/remove programs doesn't work and you don't have the CD you could try the link below for info:

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Old 26-05-2010
Join Date: May 2010
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Re: Activation office 2007 professional when starting picture manager

I for one did not know that this was a microsoft related forum, so am a little confused as to why all this aggression is being shown. Thanks all the same for the explanation.

I too had this problem just today and I fixed it by installing Microsfoft Office Service Pack 2.
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