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Thread: Win Installer and MSXML5.MSP

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    Win Installer and MSXML5.MSP

    I am trying to uninstall Outlook 2003 and then install Office 2007. I have done that from Add and Remove Program. After that I have tried from installation of 2007 package. In both places it was not successful and the system still keeps outlook 2003. After all these uninstall and install processes, if I browse internet explorer or access any other applications then there is a windows installer which is looking for the folder containing the installation package of MSXML5.MSP. Before that Win Installer was looking for MAINSP2ff.msp and I was able to solve it. I downloaded Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2)[ Office2003SP2-KB887616-FullFile-ENU.exe] From and saved locally. After that I pointed win Installer (with error) to MAINSP2ff.msp from downloaded extracted file. It worked. But now it is looking for next MSXML5.MSP. So, how do i solve this?

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    Even I was facing the same issue on both an XP system and a Vista laptop but later on I was able to fix this MSXML5.MSP problem for the XP computer with a download from the microsoft link below:

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