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Thread: Very slow opening of Word and Excel files

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    Very slow opening of Word and Excel files

    Hi, this is Windows XP SP2 running MS Office 2007. Am using this product this since last 6 months but never had any problem. Something went wrong about 3 weeks ago since when MS Word and Excel take about 50 seconds to a minute to open up. This happens only while opening a new file. If Word or Excel is opened and I press Ctrl+O to open any file, it opens fine.

    I though re-installing Office could fix the problem, I did it but yet the same problem. Somebody suggested me a registry trick where I need to delete the following registry key “HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0” to fix the problem. Well I did the same, after I deleting that key Excel and Word opens blazing fast but it remains until I log off or restart the PC. Again the same problem.

    Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Please help.

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    Re: Very slow opening of Word and Excel files

    I have been trying to figure this one out for awhile now, and I finally got it! It's NOT the "move %1 from DDE" fix... I tried that one, word would only open blank pages and excel wouldn't open at all.

    I recently moved away from Norton and started using AVG on recommendation from my computer guy. I upgraded to a dual core CPU and while in the shop he pulled out Norton and put in AVG (recently added SAS & MBAM also) Well, it seems that he didn't completely remove Norton and that's what was running the virus scan which was delaying the opening of Office files!

    I used Norton's removal tool and cleaned up the residual pieces that were still hanging around and voila!! .doc & .xls open in a flash.

    PS: AVG has a place to name file .exts to scan, and you can exclude any that you want

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    Re: Very slow opening of Word and Excel files

    I found my office slowed down when trying to open a document due to a new network printer software I installed. I loaded the HP 3525n software on different machines in my building and both Office 2003 and 2007 started to lag when opening a document up from my docs or any other folder. The only work around to get Office to open faster was to either uninstall the printer software from that computer completely, or actually open up the office program such as word and then go to FILE, open and then select the document that way. The lag occurs only when I try to open the document by double clicking it, wheter it be located in the my docs folder or a place like on the desktop. Anyone know of an update or fix for this problem.

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