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Thread: Convert Office 2007 trial to full version with MLK?

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    Convert Office 2007 trial to full version with MLK?

    I recently downloaded the free trial version of Office 2007 Small Business Edition from the Microsoft Wesbtie and if I but the Medialess Licensing Kit, then will i be able to convert the trial version into a full version by entering the new product key? I am not able to find a proper answer to this question anywhere on the net, so can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    RE: Convert Office 2007 trial to full version with MLK?

    I by mistake bought the medialess licensing kit at a local computer supply house. I had asked for a copy of office 2007 pro and was given it. If I got home then I recognized that it was not what I thought, but opened it and continued to try to use my newly bought product key to convert the trial copy that i was having over, and it didnt work. I think that this is what happens when you get too excited, I should have returned it instead of opening it.

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