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Thread: Multilingual User Interface Pack

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    Multilingual User Interface Pack

    I want to know where to find the "Multilingual User Interface Pack" for Office, I have already searched across the Microsoft website but I was not able to find anything. Could it be possible that I have to buy it only, or is it hidden somewhere? Can anyone tell me how to get this MUI? Thanks.

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    Re: Multilingual User Interface Pack

    I think that for MS Office XP and 2003 versions, the multi-user interface edition was a corporate only/enterprise licensed Office product version and not something that could be downloaded. You can try to buy the Office Proofing Tools kit to have spell/grammar check in 30+ languages, but not the menu language changing portion. If you have Office 2007, then you can add menu/proofing tool languages individually.

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    I am using corporate licensed office 2000,XP and 2003.
    Could you tell me how can i get Multilingual User Interface for office?
    Do i need to re-run the office installation?
    Are there any other installers for this?

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    I really stuck up with it for couple of days.

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