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Thread: ALT + Print Screen Not Working!!

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    ALT + Print Screen Not Working!!

    Hi, this is Windows 2000 running with Office 2003. I am trying to take a print screen which I need to past in Word document. But as we know just hitting Print Screen key looks to cluttered, I prefer Alt + Print Screen. But the problem is after pressing Alt + Print Screen and pasting it into Word wont work. I donít know why. Can anyone please help me?

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    I donít know how this is Office Related issue. If your Alt + Printscreen is not working, its obviously your systemís problem. You should check out your system or other hardwares, I mean keyboard. Are you using PS/2-USB" adapter on your keyboard? If yes, there are possibilities that some key combos are not passed to the operating system. Hence you should try replacing the adapter and or keyboard with one that works properly.

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    If you have a Logitech or MS keyboard that uses the F Lock key to provide dual functionality to your function keys, make sure the F Lock is off when trying to use the Print Screen key. Neither the Print Screen nor Pause/Break keys will work when F Lock is on.

    You are brilliant AndrewBarnes, thanks so much - I've really missed the Alt + Print Screen function - I cannot thank you enough!!

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    Re: ALT + Print Screen Not Working!!

    Thanks TechArena and AndrewBarnes. Weeks of frustration all because I fat-fingered the F Lock key. Talk about PBKAC error! All is good in the world or screen printing now.

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    Re: ALT + Print Screen Not Working!!

    Hello Beth,

    I just learned from Muralsin than fn (function Key) + prnt scrn is the solution.

    Thanks Muralsin, I just logged in to convey thanks to him..


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