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Thread: installing speech recognition

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    installing speech recognition

    Hello, Iím running Windows XP Pro with MS Office 2007. On my personal laptop I use to do most of the work using speech recognition. As it is not in Office 2007 neither on my XP, can anyone please tell me how can I install it with Windows XP Pro?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: installing speech recognition

    Yes, its true that there is no Speech recognition in Office 2003. The ways I can suggest you is Either upgrade your system to Windows Vista or downgrade your office to version 2003. If you cannot do any of these things then you will need to go for some third party Voice recognition software.

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    RE: installing speech recognition

    Instead of upgrading to Vista or Downgrading to Office 2003. You can simply download and install Speech SDK 5.1 on your Windows xp and it will work like the same you want. It is the only solution instead of going with any third party app or buying costly products. However it is not easy to install you can get more detailed instructions about the same on Microsoft Download sites.

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    Re: installing speech recognition

    Dear Parker,
    Thank you very much for your advice. I also have the missing Speech Recognition tab when I tried to set up a microphone so that I can use skype. Microsoft has stopped the installing of the software. Luckily I saw your reply which solved my problem.


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