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Thread: Alter "Standard Colors" pallete for text (word 2007)

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    Alter "Standard Colors" pallete for text (word 2007)

    Is it possible to alter in Word 2007 either the Standard Colors or Theme Colors of the text color pull down such that the new color will remain as a default in the color palletes? I know that I am able to click on the recent color list, but if I close and open the document, that recent color will not appear. I only want back the standard blue that was in Word 2003 because it is too light for my liking. Thanks for any information.

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    Re: Alter "Standard Colors" pallete for text (word 2007)

    You will need to alter the theme color scheme, then that color will always be in that set of theme color choices. So, in Word, you have to go to Page Layout >> Themes Chunk >> Colors button and from the bottom of the theme colors button, click "create new theme colors". That opens a dialog box with default set of "Office theme" colors. After that click the blue and then Accent 1, and the select more colors and choose the blue color that you want, and press ok to get out. Now try to give that new set of colors a new name and then click Save and it will be available in all your Office software now.

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    Re: Alter "Standard Colors" pallete for text (word 2007)

    This all works great but when I email document to partner for editing my color pallet and/or theme dose not show up on their computer.

    The same thing happends when I post my document to a SharePoint site.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

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    Re: Alter "Standard Colors" pallete for text (word 2007)

    This can be due to the settings on the receivers computer. They might have setup mails as only plain html text messages. This settings are present in your Outlook. So that can be reason where the themes disappear for your mail. But the same must be visible when the receiver open the mail online. Also check your send mail settings. It ask you for the same choices like send mail as plain html message only. If that is tick then your themes disappears.

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