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Thread: How do I activate speech recognition for Office Pro 2007?

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    How do I activate speech recognition for Office Pro 2007?

    I had upgraded to Microsoft Office Professional and not able to find out settings to enable Voice Recognition. I was using a third party software for voice commands but now I heard that this office edition has voice recognition feature internally. Is it a additional component and if yes then how to install the same. I tried to locate the same from office Cd but still not able to get the right settings.

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    Voice Recognition is not a part of Office. It comes in the OS. I do not think still in Vista you can find that. You have to use that third party tool only. That would be the only best way to get a proper voice recognition support on office suite.I am using a software that I had downloaded long before. It does not works fine, but gives a decent output.

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    It is correct that voice recognition is not at all a part of office application. You have to get that separately. Even I am trying to find out some solution for using voice recognition. It looks microsoft does not has any internal support for voice software. Can anyone recommend me some good voice tool that allow speech to text solution.

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    Ignoring the preacher, I thought I'd add a bit of advice. I kept one of the programs from Office 2003 (Access) and so I still have my 2003 language bar, so I can still use Speech-to-text. Just uninstall 2007, reinstall your favorite Office 2003 program, and reinstall 2007, telling it to keep your old Office programs.

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    Don't be so naive

    You seriously think that microsoft was just going to get allow their users to have full functionallity without making the switch. Yes, it is a marketing ploy, but if you are too blind to see what else is going on here than you shouldn't be squeaking or preaching. Microsoft is not letting any of the OEM computer manufacters build anything that dosent have vista on it (notice vista is not captialized (for good reason)) unless you have a specific deal with microsoft or you can find an oem copy of Windows XP Floating around on your own and you build something for yourself, which is the best of the 2 options. You shouldn't be so naive to think that microsoft is just going to let all of their new software work with older versions of Windows. Take 98 for example, if you go to Windows and try to update Windows 98 SE, it gives you a link to Microsoft for Mac they have completely removed all compatibility for the operating system that put them on the map. Unless you can see the bigger picture than don't just complain about one aspect of the issue. Also i'm trying out a new program from i'll let you know how it goes.
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    You must search on Vista. I think there is a option available through which you can control your system. That means you can run basic commands. You cannot simply dictate on Word. For that you will definitely need some better software that offers you more reliability. There are ample of tools available on the web that can provide you the feature that you are looking for.

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