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Thread: How do I Uninstall Office Pre Release 12 totally

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    How do I Uninstall Office Pre Release 12 totally

    Since past couple of weeks I was using Office Pre Release version 12 on my PC. Now I got Office 2007 for myself but I’m not able to install it on my system. Actually it is conflicting with Pre Release version. Though I have uninstalled it from Add and Remove and deleted as many traces I can, still whenever I try to install Office 2007 I get an error message asking me to first remove Pre Release version.

    Somebody please help me getting rid of this.

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    RE: How do I Uninstall Office Pre Release 12 totally

    There use to be many traces that remain on our system and we cannot see them. Hence everytime you remove any software, first uninstall it from Add/Remove Applet, then go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Run this tool, select Temporary folder and all office related files, click clean. This will remove every trace. Now restart the computer and install Office 2007.

    There are many other ways of completely removing Office from you system. Check this:

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    RE: How do I Uninstall Office Pre Release 12 totally

    Microsoft has also released a toll named “Windows Installer Cleanup Utility”. You can download it from Microsoft Download center. Alternatively, just check out this KB article:

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