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Thread: I find that the scroll wheel of my mouse is not working in office

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    I find that the scroll wheel of my mouse is not working in office

    I have installed Office 2007 and after that I found out that the scroll wheel function on my mouse is not working in Office 2007. But it is still working outside the Office program? Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

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    Did you make sure that it isnt doing anything? You could be scrolling through a dropdown box and if your mouse really isnt scrolling anything, then check if you can get a driver update. What kind of mouse are you using? If you want to enable Universal Scrolling in Word 2007 then go to the big Word Logo Start Button and then options and then Advanced and then disable "Use smart mouse-cursor".

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    My colleage and I have both upgraded to MS Office 2007.
    I am using the original computer I had whereas my colleage got a new system
    all together.

    He can not scroll in MS documents unless his mouse is over the scroll bar,
    or using the up and down buttons ( 5 button optical mouse from Dell) but can
    scroll in all other applications with no problems. He hooked up an old mouse
    and there are no problems!

    I took his 5 button mouse and I have no problem scrolling in MS Office

    It's not the mouse, not MS Office.

    The scroll on my Microsoft Arc mouse works in every program apart from Excel 2007, however I have been unable to locate the 'Exceptions' button on my 'Wheel tab' in 'Control Panel' (Vista) to add Excel as an exception.

    Is there another way to fix this problem if I have no exceptions option? My Touchpad scroll seems to work most of the time in Excel, so I can't understand why the mouse won't.

    I work in finance, so use Excel constantly. This is becoming a major irritation!

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    ONLY in Word 2007, mouse does not work in the body of the letter! Menus, Excel, other applications are ok. This is on a new Vista laptop. USB mouse, or built-in mouse - same problem. I cannot highlight words, or right-click to spellcheck, etc.

    Word 2003 on same laptop is ok. It was reinstalled after 2007 failed.

    No add-ins added in, this is a new, fresh install. I'll check to see if the [ctrl] key suggestion works, but I won't have the laptop much longer so I may not get to test it. My boss (yeah of course it's his laptop) said he will just have to remove then reinstall Office 2007...

    you can do these simple steps

    2. Then go to the WHEEL TAB - EXCEPTION
    3. Then ADD the programs that scroll wheel don't work
    in my case= MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007
    4. Click APPLY then OK,

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    Even I am facing the same issues. The scroll wheel functions are all great in all other programs. It will also function in office 2007 in the scroll bar areas and in popup help windows, but will not function in the main Outlook window or Word or Excel. Is there anyone who can help me out ? Thanks.

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    Thank you very much, the above solution solved the problem I was having with Excel 2007.

    However, I had to have IBM USB mouse and Lenovo Mouse Suite installed for my computer.

    Just downloaded the Intellipoint software from Microsoft and this seems to have fixed the problem for scrolling in Excel and iTunes - just in case anyone was following this.

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    Re: I find that the scroll wheel of my mouse is not working in office

    My mouse scroll button just stopped working with Word 2007, too. It would zoom in and out on a document, and I couldn't click on anything.

    Turned out that I had apparently hit the Ctrl key accidentally, which reset my mouse. Hitting the Ctrl key again brought everything back to normal and I can scroll and click again.

    I don't know if this will work for everybody, but it worked for me.

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    Re: I find that the scroll wheel of my mouse is not working in office

    Hey thanks to the following suggestions. They have fixed the issues. MUCH appreciated!!

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