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Thread: English Spell Checker Switched to French!

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    English Spell Checker Switched to French in Word

    I had just completed with installation of Microsoft Office 2007. The setup was fine and there was no error in between. But I found that there is some issue with spell checker. When I try to run, it looks for french word instead of english. The recommendation shown is for french words not for english. How can I switch this back to normal. I do not understand how this happened. I checked inside tools > options > spelling but there was nothing listed.

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    It looks that there is some issue with the internal dictionary that is causing the failure. The office edition that you are having is a multi-lingual edition. Go in the Reviewing Tab and there you can find proofing group. In that you can modify the language and click on the language that you want.

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    Re: English Spell Checker Switched to French!

    Try to run a repair setup and then check back again. It would work fine and it will fix the issue with language and other stuff. The language settings can be modified and it is also easier to do the same. Or if still you are not able to modify the same you can work on fresh installation from scratch which would restore the old settings back.

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    Are you getting error while using the same. Try to run windows update and then check back you are able to get the settings restore or not. It is one of the best way to deal with the problem. Running a repair setup might help you but if there are additional settings in the same then it would not work well. You must try to restore the old settings back and then see whether it works fine or not.

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