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Thread: Office Documents Slow to open on Double click.

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    Office Documents Slow to open on Double click.

    I am facing problem with Office documents. I think I did a grave mistake by performing a upgrade. I upgraded the same to Office 2007. The setup was fine but there was some issue with the installation. I had downloaded all the files. The update was not complicated. Now upon reboot I found that windows was asking to install some updates. The updates installation was fine but somehow it looks the performance is affected. Office takes around 2 to 3 minutes to launch a file. How can I reduce the time.

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    I am also getting the same issue. It looks office 2007 is a bit resource intensive due to which you are facing the problem. After upgrade I found the system looks to be working slow. So I had added more ram and things are fine. The system is responding well. I found that the new office is a bit visually enhanced that consume more ram. So if you are on extremely slow and old computer it is recommended that you must add more hardware to the same.

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