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Thread: Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Slow to Start

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    Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Slow to Start

    I am having a Windows XP system. I am using Office 2003 on that. It is a quiet old system with decent performance. I will not stay it was extremely fast. But enough to do my work. From last few days I found that it is working extremely slow. I am not able to open or browse my files. When I double click on Excel it takes around 3 to 5 minutes to open the file. It is just a waste of time. I need some help to improve this. I had just installed updated recently that's all.

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    You can try to register the applications that would help you. There are some basic options to do that. For that run cmd and in that type winword /regserver. Hit enter. Then the second command you have to type excel /regserver. The third thing you can try powerpnt /regserver. Just restart the system and then check back.

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    What if PDF acts the same like word excel and powerpoint (also slow to start)

    In my situation nothing helped AND I have PDF starting slow as well. What can cause this?

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    Re: Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Slow to Start

    You have to run a repair setup of Microsoft Office. That would be much more helpful. It is necessary that you must run a repair setup that will help you to fix the damaged file. The performance can also be affected due to some add-ons in the office application. You will need to ensure that you must disable all the add-on and then check back the same.

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