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Thread: how to move office 2003 to another machine

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    how to move office 2003 to another machine

    I知 having a desktop computer which has turned now very old with low config. Hence I have a bought a new MSI laptop. Now the problem is I知 running Original Office 2003 on my desktop which I want to move to my laptop instead of buying a new one again. So I wanted know if I uninstalled office from older desktop, will it allow me to install on laptop?

    Also if there is any better way through which we can move our existing office to another machine without getting problem of Activation. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: how to move office 2003 to another machine

    Yes you can transfer your existing Office suites from one PC to another easily. Just make sure check the license agreement (EULA) through 'help' in one of the Office apps to see what your edition allows as far as additional machine installs vs. uninstall, install on new then activate. If everything is clear, simply uninstall it from one PC, install on your laptop, activate with the product key provided. If it wont activate, you may need to go for Phone Activation.

    Just remember that if it is OEM version, you wont be able to transfer it.

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    Re: how to move office 2003 to another machine

    Thanks for that clarification Bollea. Fortunately mine is Retail version, not the OEM.

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