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Thread: A fix for "send to mail recipient as attachment" word excel

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    A fix for "send to mail recipient as attachment" word excel

    If you are not able click the send as attachment from within any office program without getting the Cannot start MS Outlook error followed by a second error depending on which office program, that is, excel general mail failure. I had one user who had the same problem and below is the workaround for it:
    1. First of all rename the excel xlb file to excelold.xlb (I dont know if this has anything to do with it but it cant hurt)
    2. After that go into word.. Tools... options... compatability tab... default button - set compat back to default.
    3. At this point it will work but it will use outlook 2000 (hey, but when I upgraded to OL2003, it said it got rid of OL2000? that was the choice I made during the upgrade - don't argue life is too short).
    4. Now try to uninstall OL2003 (repair does not work)
    5. Now you have to install fresh copy of OL2003
    6. After that open OL2003 and you may have to go through some screens of OL questions like "I found a previous version..." or "Outlook is not the default", but you shouldn't have to setup the profile again.
    7. You should now be able to email from within Office docs whether outlook is open or not.

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    Re: A fix for "send to mail recipient as attachment" word excel

    Thanks for the tip. That was really helpful. But what to do if the attachment took a very long time for upload. I found that the antivirus is responsible for the same. I am using Norton here and that is the one which giving me trouble. I am not able to provide the settings that can disable upload scanning that would really help.

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