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Thread: How to fix AutoCorrect bug in Microsoft Office

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    How to fix AutoCorrect bug in Microsoft Office

    I am getting a weird bug in Microsoft Office 2003. It is related to auto correct. I have around 4 different account on my system. In which the problem appear on 2 profile. There is some issue with auto correct. I tried to modify the template but somehow I feel that autocorrect module is not really working well. There is a kind of code error on my screen. How can I get rid of this.

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    re: How to fix AutoCorrect bug in Microsoft Office

    Try to post the error code here. I am not able to understand your problem. You can find more details on the same in Event Log. In that you can find the description of error and from that you can troubleshoot the issue. There can be problem with permission also. You can run a repair setup once again and then check back. I am sure that will help you more.

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    re: How to fix AutoCorrect bug in Microsoft Office

    I had a user with the same problem. He installed MS Office 2007 on a Vista 64 system and received the ACL errors, I found the problem in this case was his user name was Thom & Sherry whic also created his user profile directory with the same name. I believe Office was unable to create the needed directories in hisprofile due to the ampersand inb the directory path, I deleted the user profile and account and created a new account named Thom-Sherry. After logging in on this new profile the errors no longer appeared.

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