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    Microsoft Office Starter

    I have a pre installed copy of Microsoft Office Starter 2010 running on Windows 7. Word and Excel have always worked fine in 1.5 years I've had the laptop.

    However, now when I try to open Word or Excel or any Word?Excel document it will not open and I get a message saying my internet connection has been lost and to check it and try again.

    Obviously I should be able to use these without an internet connection but even when I have an internet connection I get this message (my internet connection is not affected despite the message). Can anyone offer any help?

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    Re: Microsoft Office Starter

    This can be due to some updates which are not installed properly or might be corrupted. Before did you have any active internet connection. The only way to fix this is running Office Repair. You can run that only if you have Microsoft Office Start Installation Disc. Insert the disc and go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program (Add/Remove for XP) > Click on Change below Microsoft Office 2010 Start. Click then Repair and provide the disc. It will fix the corrupted file and it will work.

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    Re: Microsoft Office Starter

    As MS Office starter was pre installed I do not have a disc. Is there a way of downloading this? I have checked around and MS do not seem to offer any assistance unless it is for the full version of Office.

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