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Thread: Need formula help for MS Excel

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    Need formula help for MS Excel

    Good afternoon! I've scoured the internet for a while, but I just can't seem to find (or perhaps understand) quite what I'm looking for....

    I receive a spreadsheet every morning of 200+ addresses. I need to find a way to replace state abbreviations (listed in their own cells) with their corresponding time-zone in order to effectively sort the list.

    I work in a call center and its imperative to get eastern calls out first as we have a limited time frame.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get this to work? I've tried utilizing the IF, SUBSTITUE, or REPLACE formulas, I'm just beginning to learn formulas and I couldn't get them set up properly (assuming any of them are actually what I need)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Need formula help for MS Excel

    The most easiest way to do that is by using Find and Replace. It is activated by pressing Ctrl + F. It is common that in your address list you will be having many addresses of a common start. For Example NY, so if the timezone is UTC-8, then simply hit Ctrl + F and then click on Replace. In Find type NY and in Replace type UTC-8. Click on Replace all. You will need to do this for each and every State. One of the best way to do is this is by using a Macro. You can record a Macro of this process and then click on it to replace everything automatically.

    There is one more option you can use. There is as tool for Excel called as FindandReplace Tool. This tool comes with 30 days trial and best recommend to replace multi text in excel. But you have to save your files in .xls format. That is Office 97-2003 format. Not xlsx. Download and try this too.

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