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Thread: Show/Hide group symbols via shortcut in Excel

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    Show/Hide group symbols via shortcut in Excel

    Excel 2007. I know you can turn the symbols on and off using Excel Options / Advanced, but I could swear I have seen somewhere a shortcut key combination to do this much more quickly. I've scoured local help and come up short. Also can't find any reference to shortcut keys here on the forum. Anyone know of such a shortcut, or did I just dream this up.

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    Re: Show/Hide group symbols via shortcut in Excel

    There is way for the same. Select rows or columns, then use <Shift> <Alt> <RightArrow> to display symbols. You can also use <Shift> <Alt> <LeftArrow> to hide symbols. You need to create a proper macro for the same.

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    Re: Show/Hide group symbols via shortcut in Excel

    There is one more thing you can try. Press CTRL + 8. I will recommend you to read properly Excel shortcut and function keys in Office F1. Those shortcuts were to create groups or dissolve groups. The hide and display shortcut is: <Ctrl> <8> Where the "8" is *only* using the key under the function keys, *not* the key in the Num keypad.

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