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Thread: How to remove HTML tags from Excel Sheet

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    How to remove HTML tags from Excel Sheet

    I have a worksheet containing text extracted from a web page that still includes html markup tags, or example <BR>, <font etc and all the other normal html markup codes. This is stored inside an EXCEL text cell. The rest of the Worksheet contains normal text, numeric and date data. Does anyone please know a way to automatically strip out all of the html markup tags from the single column that I have within this, whilst leaving the rest of the worksheet unaffected? Many thanks if you can help solve this little problem

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    Re: How to remove HTML tags from Excel Sheet

    I assume the text is in a normal cell or do you mean a text box. I tried a little test with find and replace and find <*> and in the replace box leave blank /replace all.

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    Re: How to remove HTML tags from Excel Sheet

    Unfortunately your suggested solution didnt work. The problem is that the text contained in the EXCEL cell (I have tried with both General and with text format) can contain up to 1500 - 2000 characters distributed into several hundred words. The overall EXCEL .xls file is about 10 MB size, and contains about 3000 rows with up to 17 columns. After trying your replace <*> trick just on the column gives me an error message saying 'Formula is too long'. Importing the whole .xls file into ACCESS, and trying the same replace operation on the column in question also gives an ACCESS error: 'There isn't enough free memory to continue the search.

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    Re: How to remove HTML tags from Excel Sheet

    Just tried it in this way. First copy your values then Mark the spot where you want to add them and then Edit > Paste 4th Values option. Another note, also used more often because: hyperlinks from the text go to the other column:
    Function GetAddress (hyperlink cell As Range) 
    GetAddress = Replace _ 
    (HyperlinkCell.Hyperlinks (1) Address, "mailto:". '") 
    End Function
    Alt + F11 and Insert> Module and paste code. Alt + Q and save. The feature is found under "Custom" in the dialog box (Shift + F3). GetAddress = (A1) Where cell A1 for example has a hyperlink.

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