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Thread: How to set a Reminder or Alarm in Microsoft Excel

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    How to set a Reminder or Alarm in Microsoft Excel

    I am trying to set reminders (several reminders into one spread sheet but in different cells). Am using Excel 2000. The reminders need to be able to show dates up to one year in advance, and stay visible when excel is opened (several times). Have trawled through ms help and cant find anything would be grateful for any advice.

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    Re: How to set a Reminder or Alarm in Microsoft Excel

    Without knowing what you want to do it's hard to know what to suggest. You could use a conditional format to change the background color to something if the date is within a specific range : Format -> Conditional Format - Formula is =A1 - today() < = 30. And set the format to something different. Cell format would change if cell a1 is 30 or less days after today.

    Outlook reminders with excel worksheet

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    Re: How to set a Reminder or Alarm in Microsoft Excel

    One solution, depending on your situation, might be this. In the top few rows of your worksheet, type in what the due dates are - titles. Below them, use the formula similar to those suggested by Barb. Let's assume the following scenario:
    • You have a worksheet called ProjectStartDates
    • Column A of ProjectStartDates worksheet contains the project name
    • Column B of ProjectStartDates contains the project's start date
    • Due date is always 30 days after start date
    • You have a data sheet on another worksheet, called ProjectData, where you want to have the due dates displayed across the top
    • Row 1 of ProjectData contains the project's name
    • Row 2 of ProjectData needs to have the due date
    • ProjectData is a long worksheet

    Let's say "ProjectOne" is the name of the project, and it is started on october 1, 2007. This data is in ProjectStartDates. On ProjectData worksheet, you have these values (omit double quotation marks):
    • A1 = "ProjectOne"
    • A2 = (formula) "=INDEX(ProjectStartDates!$B:$B,MATCH(A
    • $1,ProjectStartDates!$A:$A,0))+30"

    Enter all your project names in row 1 of ProjectData, and copy over the formula in A2 - the reference will propagate correctly. Freeze panes so that the top two rows are always showing, regardless of how far down you scroll in ProjectData worksheet (it's long, remember) - select cell A3 on ProjectData, and use Window->Freeze Panes command to ensure the due dates stay in top row. You may want to unlock the data cells and protect the workbook, to ensure the formulas remain intact. Finally, use conditional formatting as described in Barb's post, to highlight due dates coming up. I would add a second condition to highlight differently (perhaps in red) for projects that are overdue. You can obviously expand on this idea by adding flexible due dates, etc, in a different column. For example, if your column C contains the number of days until the project's due date from its start date, the formula will be this (omit double quotation marks):
    • "=INDEX(ProjectStartDates!$B:$B,MATCH(A$1,ProjectS tartDates!$A:$A,0))
    • +INDEX(ProjectStartDates!$C:$C,MATCH(A$1,ProjectSt artDates!$A:$A,0))"

    Additionally - this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the subject of your post - you can use VBA to call up reminders every so often of projects whose due dates are coming up. This is an option when you are working in a VBA-friendly environment with macros enabled. For instance, each time the workbook is opened, you can op up a dialog box listing all the project coming up within a certain period of time, and their due dates. The data for this would, again, come from the ProjectStartDates worksheet.

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