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Thread: How to change Excel Author

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    How to change Excel Author

    When I run my mouse over my Excel document that was initially given to me by someone, the author's name comes up and now I want to change it to mine.

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    Re: How to change Excel Author

    Go to File > Properties and modify the settings.


    Goto File > Properties > Summary tab > Author and then make the change, press OK then save the file.

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    Re: How to change Excel Author

    In Excel 2007, the options and features behind the Office button is hidden in the top left corner of the screen. Click on it once there, choose Prepare, and then properties. Under the Ribbon, that now opens, an area in which you can set the document properties such as author. If you save an Excel spreadsheet, the cell is not limited to the contents, but there are also secured personal information. It may be advisable to delete them if you want to share the workbook to a colleague or business partner in order to retain your data.

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    Re: How to change Excel Author

    Go to File properties. In this you can modify Author, Manager, Company and last saved by. You can Name on comments or revisions. You can also add a Distributor and a Message header of email messages (generated by the E-mail). Go to the menu Tools and select Options. A dialog box opens where you select the Security tab. Then "Remove personal information when you save the file properties", select the check box and then confirm with "OK". Then save the file. Your personal information is missing from the workbook or have been changed to the form described.

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