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Thread: Word 2007 Spell Check

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    Word 2007 Spell Check

    I'm running Windows 7, and spell check on Word 2007 doesn't work. Let me know what to do. If I hit F7 with a misspelled word it just says spell check is complete. I want to configure it to where it automatically flags spelling errors.

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    Re: Word 2007 Spell Check

    First check whether the spell check is on or not. To know about the same go with the below given instruction which might help you with the same. I hope this will help you.
    1. First you need to open a Microsoft Word document
    2. Click the MOB (Microsoft Office Button) at the top left corner
    3. At the bottom of that menu is a button labeled "Word Options" (it's next to "Exit Word")
    4. On the left side is a list. Click "Add-Ins"
    5. At the bottom of this menu there is a small box next to the word Manage
    6. Click that box and select "Disabled Items" from the list
    7. Once you have selected this click the "Go" next to it
    8. A new window will open and if on of the options has the words "Spell Check" then select this
    9. Once the option is selected then proceed with clicking Enable.
    10. 10) Close the "Word Options" menu and proceed to type an obvious misspelled word to test it.
    To know more about the solution visit the below given links.

    Word 2007 Spell Check not working.

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    Re: Word 2007 Spell Check

    It said there are no disabled items.

    Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to other options.

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