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Thread: How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

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    How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

    I have created few documents in the MS Office Excel 2003 and I has chosen an option for not showing the tabs in all of those documents. Now when I am opening them on another machine which has MS Office 2010 installed on it, then it is not showing any tabs and I am not able to find out the option from where I can make tabs visible. Please help me!

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    Re: How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

    It seems like the setting that you have made on MS Office 2003 while creating the documents has been saved in the documents so that wherever you open those documents, it would be showing in the same way as you have saved it last time. As you said that you were not having any show sheets option in Ms Office 2003 due to which it is not showing in the Ms Office 2010 as well. There must be an option to enable it in the Excel 2010 too but if you are not able to find out it then you can do it another way that is by enabling it in the Ms Office 2003 and then save it. Now try opening the saved document on MS Excel 2010 and check that it shows sheets tab or not.

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    Re: How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

    Here I have provided you the path by which you can enable the Show Sheet Tabs on your Ms Excel 2010. You need to first of all click on the File Menu and then go to an Options where you have to select for the Advance Options. Here you must be having Display Option for this workbook in which you have to select for the Show Sheet Tabs. Now check that it shows the Sheet Tabs or not.

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    Re: How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

    After several hours of fruitless searching, I turned towards you. Since yesterday evening I am annoyed with a PivotTable. With the configuration of the table, I get in boxes of adding the total value of more boxes, all in the format "Standard", with unrounded numbers to the nearest hundredth (size 0.00). The problem is that the result is not entirely accurate.

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    Re: How to show sheet tab bar in excel 2010

    That's it, I finally found a solution by force to scratch! Just truncate the values to two decimal places, and given that the outgoing false values are much lower at ten decimal places is enough. To do this, you must right click on the data (Sum of sthg in principle), click on "Settings ...", click on Field" Number ...", select the category "Number," then the number of decimal places "2" (or more if you wish). Finally click "OK" then "OK" and you're done! Voili voilou!!

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