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Thread: Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

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    Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

    Hello, I was using MS Office Ultimate 2007 on Windows Vista since past 1 year. Two days ago I upgraded my system to Windows 7 which was successful. Now the problem am facing is I need to re-install my Office Suite but I donít have its product key written anywhere. Also, Digital River from whom I bought the suite is not able to help me out with the key anymore.

    So the only way I have now is to get the Office Product key from Windows.old folder stored in my C drive. Can anyone please tell me where does the keys locate in Windows.old folder? Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

    Though it is stored in Windows.old folder you wont be able to find it manually because they are not in human readable form. You will need to get any third party applications which help you to recover product keys from registry, windows. old or any such encrypted location. So open Google and search for Key Finder Softwares which help you to get the keys.

    Just a s suggestion, once you find the keys, save it in your Emails... so that you can use it any time and any where.

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    Re: Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

    I lost my system to a nasty Trojan. After reloading Windows, I did a search on the C drive for "Outlook" and recovered my old PST files. I opened outlook without the CD key under the temp registration. Next I went to file>open>.pst file, and then opened the Recovered .PST file and found the mail with the CD key. I tried other alternatives, but was unable to recover my key in the old Windows file folder. Good luck.

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    Re: Where to find Product key in Windows.old folder?

    I know this is an old thread but wanted to post here to help anyone else searching for a way to find a product key from Windows.old.

    I did a clean install of a digitally downloaded version of windows 7 last night and wrote the product ID, rather than the product key down and go stuck with an unactivated version of win 7.

    After no joy from Microsoft (the confirmation email with order number in was mistakenly deleted), i downloaded Magical Key Finder, selected Load Hive from the options menu and then directed it to C:\Windows.old\Windows.

    Make sure to select run as administrator.

    Hope this stops someone from having to spend 2 hours on hold to microsoft needlessly :)

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