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Thread: Office 2007 Missing Fonts

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    Office 2007 Missing Fonts

    I had formatted my system and installed Windows 7 on it. I am having a cd of Office 2007 Standard edition. The installation was fine. But I found that there are ample of fonts missing from it. I forget to take the backup. I had installed some fonts long time before. I am not able to locate them again. So is there a way I can restore those old fonts back. I had heard that the Windows 7 setup creates a folder hidden somewhere in the C drive with all the files.

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    You are talking about Windows old folder. It is not hidden. It is correct that Windows 7 keep a folder in the partition so that you can get old files back. Just go in C drive and see you can find this Windows old folder. In that you have to search for fonts. I think it is located inside System 32. You can then copy all the fonts and move them to your new setup. Remember if you run Disk Cleanup that Windows old folder will be removed.

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    What fonts are you looking for. Are you talking about the default fonts. You can get that from web. If you are looking for some specific then you have to provide the name. There is a huge list of fonts available for Office for free download and you can use that in Word quiet easily. The installation is also very simple. About that Windows old folder if you had formatted the partition before installing Windows 7, then the folder will not be visible.

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