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Thread: How to check license key of Microsoft Office

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    How to check license key of Microsoft Office

    I want to install Office 2007. I purchased that from different region. Now I want to install that on my laptop which is having Windows XP. I need some help to check out that my existing license key is valid or not. Is there a way to test. How can I find that the key I have is proper and I can use to activate my office setup. I tried to find out that on Microsoft site but still not able to get anything.

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    There is no way to test that. You have to install Office and activate it. That is the only way through which you can find out whether your key is proper or not. And if you are installing this on another pc ensure that it must be removed from where ever it was installed before. Or else the office activation will not work. If you are having a genuine cd of office then it will work fine.

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