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Thread: How many times can I activate a product key?

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    I need some advice here. I am going to buy Microsoft Office 2007 Pro edition. I want to know that how many times I can activate the product. In last here I had almost changed my system 4 times. Now if I go with the new edition of Office there are chances that I will activate that many times. Is there a limitation for that. I am not trying to use the same key on different computer. I am just trying to activate it again incase if I change my system.

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    I do not think there is any limitation on activation. It is your key and you can use it to activate your product whenever you want. If still you are doubtful you can simply contact microsoft for the right answer. I had seen on some forums it said that this can be done around 3 to 4 times and that is more than enough. And it happens sometime you have to frequently format your system.

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    It is correct that you can ask that question to Microsoft directly. Well as per my experience I had not found any limitation on product activation. But still it is recommended that you must keep that at lowest. That means do not just keep on activating your product every month. Keep a limitation and then move ahead.

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    Licences per product key - Office 2007 Ultimate

    I recently purchased Office 2007 and would like to know how many computers I
    am allowed to install it on.

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    I do not think there would be any kind of limitation for the same. It is necessary that you would do the same when required only. Till today I had formatted my computer more than 10 times and still I am able to activate my office with the same license key. There may be no restriction. Once you bought that edition it will be yours.

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