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Thread: YS561401.CAB missing error in office 2003 setup

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    YS561401.CAB missing error in office 2003 setup

    I am trying to install Office 2003 on my XP system. There was a problem with virus recently so I formatted the same. Now the setup that was working well is giving problem. I had used the same thing before also. At that time there was no error at all. But now when I tried to run the setup back I am facing problem with a missing file. The setup runs for a while and pops out a error. It is some YS561401.CAB missing error. I am not able to understand who can I get rid of this problem.

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    It looks that your setup is corrupted due to which you are facing the issue. You have to arrange a new one. If you are having a license key then just get a trail setup and activate the same using your license key. The same setup will be helpful for you in future also. There is no way to fix that. Even if you manage to find that cab file from the web, it would work with the setup.

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    There is no cure for that error. My Office 2003 setup was spoiled due to that. Fortunately I kept the copy of disc with me that worked. It is correct that you can download Office 2003 trail from web and then use your key to activate the same. It will be working quiet fine. There will be no issue with the same.

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    Problems installing Office 2k3 and YS561401.CAB

    Don't know if you have resolved this issue yet, so apologise if you have. I have this exact same problem, and I have noticed that if i attempt to install Office 2003 from my DVD ROM as oppossed to my CD ROM, it reads certain files and not others, but it certainly seems to struggle with CAB files. Anyway it always comes up asking for the location of the file YS561401.CAB, so then I realise what I have done, I move the CD from the DVD ROM to the CD ROM change the Drive letter in the pop up message box that is asking for the location of the file and hit enter, and the installation continues. So if you are using a DVD ROM, I suggest you change it to the CD ROM.

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    re: YS561401.CAB missing error in office 2003 setup

    Missing for Microsoft FrontPage solution!

    I made several attempts to download FrontPage 2003 from a CD which I had had for years, and with which I had absolutely no problems but each time I received a dialogue box telling me that it could not find and asking me to direct it to the source file on the CD. Although it was on the CD and I redirected it here it would not recognise it. I had no option but to allow the rollback of the installation.

    Then I got my old Microsoft Office 2003 CD (which does not come with FrontPage) and copied all the CABS from the CD's root drive to to a new folder which I had created in my C: drive and then went back to the dialogue box for the FrontPage installation and directed the browsing feature to look in the new folder in the C drive. The computer automatically finished the installation successfully to the end.

    Sometimes there is a problem with Microsoft picking up files from a multi CD/DVD drive and the solution is to point to a copy of the file on a different drive.

    Hope this helps!

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