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Thread: unable to load OfficePluginRes.dll

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    unable to load OfficePluginRes.dll

    Something went wrong with MS office in my case. Whenever i try to open any office program i get below error message:

    "unable to load iepluginres.dll. Contribute may not be installed properly"

    I want to know, how can i fit it??? Hope some one over here will be able to help me out.

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    I had encountered same error for my MS office 2007 recently. Which version of MS office you are running???

    I was able to fix it by renaming "officepluginres.dll" to "officepluginres.dllOLD". Simply search for "officepluginres.dll" file and rename it accordingly. You might get a message as soon as you close the windows. Just don;t worry about it and restart your system ignoring it. You wont get that message again after and your MS office should start working fine.

    Post back the result, best of luck.

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